Rosy Finch


Since 2013, Rosy Finch is a power trio from Spain blending sludge grrrl and heavy riffs with a female vocalist and a kind of metal rythms.

“[…]Rosy Finch offer a marvellous escape from a humdrum life. Get this band into your life as soon as you can”.

Martyn Coppack– Echoes and Dust

Their take on stoner genre is a furious and eclectic blend of influences ranging from Sonic Youth to the Melvins showcasing brooding & atmospheric vocals laced with insidious and heavy riffs.


The rhythmic base members have changed during the recording of their last work “Scarlet”. Oscar Soler (Domo, Pyramidal) and Juanjo Ufarte (Grajo, The Dry Mouths) joined the band in 2019 on bass and drums.

Their sound has completely transformed into a more visceral and aggressive live shows. The new formation has created a new heavy sound where Mireia Porto (singer and guitarist) finally seems to be in her element and succeeded in transmitting her darkest emotions.


SCARLET (New Album March 2020)

“Scarlet” is their second electric LP and the fourth release of Rosy Finch.

After a year composing the album, Porto was very inmerse in create a conceptual album where the Red color is the key.


Scarlet is about aspiring to be more and do more. It’s about the idea that nothing will remove the pain but nothing can detain you. Red has always represented danger, lust, sin, guilt, blood…

Each song of this album has its red type color in the title and represents different stories of different people (from fantasy to the real life) always ranging from love to violence.

The album has more heavy and sludge riffs than the other works of the band. It ́s plenty of screams, melodic vocals, metal drums and dirty bass lines. It ́s Dark and it’s Scarlet Red.

Recorded & Mixed in Red Records Studio & Surnia Records
Mastered by Billy Anderson

The Catalonian label “Discos Macarras” and “La Rubia Records” are in charge of the Digipack copies.
The Vinyl album edition is released by Lay Bare Recordings (The Netherlands).
The Cassette Edition is released by Spinda Records.


The trio builds a world through psychedelic elements and atmospheric vocals, at times delirious and at others full of rage, combining both insidious and heavy riffs to perfection. 

Rosy Finch breaks out of the mold and really takes the listeners on a completely different path than the one usually expected from a genre act. 




They recorded their first EP “Wolves Waiting” auto produced and edited in Digipak format by Aneurisma Records in April of 2013, which got an excellent reception on behalf of the audience and critic fanzines .


The “Witchboro” LP is published on July 2015, on both digital and physical format. 

A special feature is the passage created by psych elements and angry and atmospherical voices, showing a mixture of 70’s and 90’s music influences.

The Catalan label “Discos Macarras” and the Canadian label “Death Bound Records” were in charge of the Compact Disc copies. 

The Vinyl album edition was released by Lay Bare Recordings (The Netherlands) & distributed by Burning World Records.

Sold Out in the present days.


This is a great compilation cover album from Hendrix edited by the north american label Magnetic Eye Records where Rosy Finch transformed the song “Foxy Lady” in their own style.

In the album also feature many other bands like Wo Fat, Geezer, Elephant Tree…

Don’t miss it!!!!


The “Sunset Acoustic Sessions, Vol.1” is a self-produced magic and rare album recorded in 2017. This LP contains some original songs extracted from the past albums “Wolves Waiting” and “Witchboro”.

All songs have been completely transformed into acoustic alternative versions including violins and new ethereal sounds.

This is a rare edition with only 150 copies in Digipak format. Here the band shows their most dark and folk side.


The band has played in amazing fests like Wizard Of Fuzz, Monkey Week or Stonefest and has shared the stage with awesome bands like Stoned Jesus, Black Rainbows, Powder for Pigeons,Planet of Zeus, Pyramidal, Troubled Horse, Stone From the Sky,  Solar Corona, Maida Vale, Cities of Mars, Aathma, Betunizer, Pürpura, Electric Valley, Santo Rostro, Bala, among others



“Filled with heavy riffs from start to end, this is one unconventional release that you should definitely check out.

Dark Emperor – Infernal Mesquarade”

“They could kick the ass of pretty much any female-fronted Hard Rock or Metal outfit doing the rounds right now […]” 

Stuart Bell-

“. […]Elena Garcia and  Lluís Mas never give an inch locking the bass and drums together as a solid unit and allowing Porto’s voice and guitar to paint sonic soundscapes over the top.”

Frazer Jones – Desert Psychlist

“[…]This is where the comparison to Kylesa originated. The album kicks off with muscular stoner rock riffs fused with some of the harsher grunge stylings paired with some powerful female vocals”

Bitter Cold-

“If the rumors that 90’s music is making a comeback are true than Rosy Finch should be riding the crest of that wave.”

Ron Deuce – 

“Witchboro is a consistent, yet eclectic showcase of a spectrum of heavier genres, spanning from the likes of Boris to that of Earth and Kyuss with a little bit of Mudhoney or Bikini Kill-style grunge thrown into the pile”



Mr.Riff- More Fuzz

“All of the band’s influences come raging out throughout the record with the punk screaming, psychedelic drifting of vocals and guitar picking, frenetic noise assaults, and no nonsense stoner songs that make you ache for the desert sun.[…]

Heavy Planet 

“as opposed to most riot grrrl and girl punk bands, in Rosy Finch there’s also much substance beyond appearances.[…] rhythmic patterns and a sincere will to make noise”

Damiano Lanzi- santasangremagazine 

” […]what if The Runaways had formed today, 

raised on stoner bands ?”[…]

Doug E Dogg- Black Insect Laughter